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Surah An Nisa (the woman)

Created by Saydujjaman Shamim April 4, 2011 - Category: Other - Tags: #Surah  #An Nisa 
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Sura An-Nisa (Arabicسورة النساءSūratu an-Nisā, "Women")[1] is the fourth chapter of the Qur'an, with 176 verses. It is a Medinan sura. It is the third longest chapter in the Qur'an after Al-i-Imran and Al-Baqarah and was recited after sura Al-Mumtahina.[citation needed]

As its name suggests, it deals extensively with matters relating to women and their rights and obligations, outlining the requirements ofmodesty, including the verse traditionally interpreted to require wearing of the hijab. It also describes a variety of other legal and ethical matters, such as inheritance law, marriage, and orphans, and deals with matters relating to Medinan politics, in particular tensions with theHypocrites (i.e. the party of Abdullah ibn Ubayy) and Jews. An-Nisa also mentions the matter of ma malakat aymanukum and addresses theNikah Mut'ah.


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