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Posted June 22, 2014 | 0 favorites
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Problem that we want to solve by this initiative as follow: 1. Overcoming the shortage of qualified teachers Basically, the inner idea of teaching is to support the students to learn. It highlights that insufficient knowledge about content pedagogy, not paying adequate attention to intellectual, social, and personal development, ignoring the issues about the diversity of learners, improper and limited use of multiple instructional strategies, practicing one way communication, assessing the students’ performance through the conventional methods are the major problems related to teaching skills of teachers in Bangladesh 2. Helping students to learn at any time and from anywhere Now almost every student does not have their personal life as well as leisure time for them. They are going school then hanging up with the home tutor or coaching that creating them as machine and killing their creativity and preventing them from participating into the alternative learning activities. This platform can help them to learn any time and find their leisure time. 3. Helping parent to save money It has been seen in one survey that on an average every parents spending around 5000 taka/month for each of their child for private tuition /coaching. Through this platform if students can learn then they will able to save this money.
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